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Cross-Cultural Sound & Music in Healing Programs

Applications of Cross-Cultural Sound and Music in Healing Training Program-


Six Month Program: Training Programs in Dates TBA


Methodology, Sound and Music Repertoires for Healing, Personal Health Practices, Applications in your work setting.


With Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD – 


Level I provides an in-depth six-month training program on applications of Cross-cultural Sound and Music in Healing. Multi-cultural approaches, research, methodology, and healing sound and music repertoires are provided within highly experiential activities, discussions and visual presentations, supported by a home study curriculum and a personal daily sound practice between two 4 day intensive modules.  Each module builds on the previous one and deepens the experience and knowledge of each participant. There is limited space so that special attention can be given to each individual’s personal needs and professional area. No musical experience is necessary to register.


Participants will gain a knowledge base of musical repertoire and cross-cultural therapeutic techniques including the use of sound, voice, tuning forks, sound instruments, body positions, breathing systems, cross-cultural methods of guided imagery and music, and enhanced listening skills. These exercises and applications can be successfully incorporated into professional healing and wellness practices, at home and/or used for personal self-development.


Detail and Dates TBA shortly


Advanced Cross-Cultural Sound & Music in Healing Training Program

Level II 202


Level II: Advanced Training Program


Level II is a continuation of Level I. Level II goes into more depth in each area covered in Level I and introduces new practices and materials. Special attention is given to each trainees needs and their professional area. This is done in a professional and caring way. The goal is to develop and evolve each individual's focus and skill with applications of cross-cultural sound and music in educational, healing and healthcare situations.


Participants become better equipped to serve as practitioners, specialists, volunteers, interns, or even as members of a multidisciplinary treatment team within a health center, school or a community agency, as well as in a private healing or counseling practice.


There is a fast growing place and need for people with a background in Sound and Music Healing/Therapies in: Home health care: Massage and Health centers: Occupational therapy, Mental Health settings: Hospitals: Special Education, Hospice Programs: Geriatric Care: Bodywork Clinics: Alternative Medicine Centers: Educational and Wellness workshops:


Students that sucessfully complete all requirements are awarded a Certificate of Completion by the Open Ear Center for Cross-Cultural Sound and Music in Healing and Education.


 **This program is only open to those individuals who have successfully completed Level I and/or by permission

from the facilitator. 


Level II Dates TBA shortly for 2023


West Coast/Southwest USA 



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