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The Power of Cross-Cultural Sound and Music

in Healing & Wellness 2021

Brussels, Belgium

Sound and Musical Healing Applications, Prescriptive Music Repertoires,

Useful for Personal Health and in Professional Settings


with Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD 
























This dynamic program introduces each person to the profound benefits of cross-cultural sound and music in healing. Participants will gain a knowledge base of musical repertoire and cross-cultural musical healing techniques: the use of sacred sound, voice, tuning forks, instruments, body positions, breathing systems, music and imagery, and enhanced listening skills. Each session is conducted through demonstration; individual, dyad and group experiences; discussion and audiovisual presentations. A home exercise program is provided and mentored throughout the program. All materials and experiences can be successfully integrated into professional practices and in personal self-development and wellness. Each session deepens the experience and self-knowledge of each person. There is limited space so that special attention can be given to each individual’s personal needs and interests. 


The weekend session schedule runs from 10:00-5:00 Friday-Saturday & Sunday 9:30- 4:00. 

Location: Brussels, Belgium


Session I: June 18-20- 2021 (3 days)

“An Introduction and Exploration” of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual responses to cross-cultural healing sounds, music and instruments and voice. Defining healing sound and music in a social and sacred context. Learning breathing methods, healing body postures, and stress reduction and relaxation techniques. Practices are given to develop enhanced listening skills and awareness;  Cross-cultural research on the effects of sound and music on human physiology. Learning how to choose appropriate music to support personal needs and other healthcare populations. Music for surgery, massage, learning disabilities, sleep, stress and anxiety, depression and other applications are presented. Daily exercises, practices and optional home-study materials are given for review, continued study and preparation for session II.


There is support for each participant between modules through email.


Session II: November 5-7 2021 (3 days)

Inquiry into the body's role as a receptor, learning how ear dominance and auditory processing skills affect individuals and their therapeutic outcome; The use of sound and music to positively stimulate and move blocked and stagnant energy within the body. Music, mind and imagery explored and practiced.  The study of cross-cultural programmed recordings (cds and downloads) for use in psychotherapy and self-development; Sound and Music as diagnostic tools; Research in music in psychotherapy, sound healing, auditory stimulation methods and applied current healing technologies among traditional cross-cultural healers.” The enhancement of our spiritual life through traditional chant, sacred sound and music. New materials given and plans for the future discussed. 

Facilitator: Pat Moffitt Cook, Ph.D., FAMI, CCMHP is a pioneer in the use of cross-cultural sound and music in healing and in education. She is the founder and director of the Open Ear Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an organization that specializes in training healthcare professionals and laypersons in the use of sound and music to facilitate wellness and support the healing process. Cook is a Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery and a Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) practitioner; is trained in Auditory Stimulation Methods for listening and learning disabilities, including the Tomatis Method and Listening Fitness Training. Cook reseached musical healing in India for a decade, and is a certified Vedic Chant teacher from two South Indian institutions. For over thirty-five years, Pat has traveled extensively throughout the world recording and participating in musical healing rituals

and the daily life of other cultures. She studied six and half years with a Chinese/Indonesian grand master of martial and healing arts in Indonesia and the United States. She researched and practiced with a North Indian Hindu village musical healer in India for over a decade. Pat is a certified Vedic Chant teacher from two South Indian Institutions. Pat is a teacher, sound therapy clinician, musician and author. She presents internationally at university, medical and music and sound therapy conferences in applications of sound technology, auditory stimulation, music and imagery, and on indigenous and traditional musical healing traditions. She facilitates ongoing international workshops and professional training programs throughout the year. 


In addition to numerous published articles and book chapters, Pat is the author and producer of the book and CD entitled Music Healers of Indigenous Cultures: Shaman, Jhankri and Nele (Ellipsis Arts & Open Ear Press), and Brainwave Symphony (Relaxation Company),  Rencontre avec des guérisseurs par le son dans les cultures traditionnelles (livre + CD), (Guy TREDANIEL, Paris).




Program fee includes both session intensives, lunch, workbooks, home study and practice materials, mentoring thru email/phone/skype consultations between sessions. Lodging is separate.

Class limited to 30 to insure personal attention in class and mentoring time between modules. Email for additional information. 

Training Location TBA

Brussels, Belgium



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