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The Open Ear Listening Program is auditory training for individuals with learning and listening difficulties. We offer various programs, a home-based Tomatis Program and the Listening Fitness Program (LiFT). In addition we consult on prescriptive musical strategies to support behavior, learning, personal wellness and the development of better listening and communication skills.


Since 1991, OEC has worked nationally with children and adults offering ongoing programs in the Tomatis Method of auditory stimulation and the Listening Fitness Training Program, a Tomatis-based class and/or home monitored program. We work with children and adults nationwide through home-monitored programs. The initial consult and specific needs of each individual is assessed, goals are discussed and then a listening program is designed to fit specific needs.


Initial phone consultations, long distance and in person assessments are necessary to participate in these programs. Consultations for home programs are offered throughout the year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Seattle and other national settings each year. 


Each program consists of specially developed and modified music, an electronic listening device, MP3 and microphone, headsets delivering both bone and airconduction stimulation, special voice techniques and individually designed programs. Home programs are closely monitored by a listening facilitator. 


For adults and children of any age~

There are no programs available at this time. Please check back!


Due to the personal attention we give

to each client, there are a limited

number of openings each season.

Please email





Improved memory and organizational skills

Improved attention and focus

Improved behavior and relational skills

Improved comprehension 

Increase in energy level

Improved voice quality and production

Improvement in reading and communication skills;

Improved listening skills

Improvement in behavior and self-esteem

Improvement of auditory tonal processing;


To schedule phone interviews and consults,

testing dates and to receive more information:



The Open Ear Center's

Home Listening Programs Fall 2024

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Improved Listening, Learning and

Communications Skills!





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