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Open Ear Center Listening & Auditory Stimulation Programs



"While my daughter continues to develop more complicated sentences and responses, we are now working on expanding her vocab and focus on pronouns and articulation.  Her attention span is now going strong during private speech lessons.  In fact she is working harder than ever.

Some things my husband I have noticed is that her appetite for trying new foods has gradually increased... she will eat small amounts of broccoli now, and wanted to try cauliflower.  She insisted on trying raviolis stuffed with cheese and spinach, and Loves Them!! She has also stopped biting her nails :). Last week we had a dental cleaning.  We are on the every three month plan because to desensitize her... as our first visits were HELL (before the program). This last visit, her hygienist moved, she got someone new.  She transitioned SO well!!!  No fussing, no tears, no "Where's Cassie?" Thank you!


NIkki, Mother, CA



"I struggled to read and communicate all of my life. Thought I was stupid! A friend told me about the Open Ear Center and it has turned my life around. I enjoy reading for the first time and being with people more. 


Caroline Parker, CT 



"The Open Ear Center treated my son for sensory integration issues. The results were transformational. After completing the program, my son began to be able to connect with hugs and eye contact, and to function better in school." 


Beth Morgan, WA



"The program has and continues to help both my children, remarkably increasing auditory processing, and calming and organizing their sensory systems, unlocking their potential. My daughter, a lifelong insomniac, sleeps soundly since her boost, and her connection and joyful engagement with us is priceless. We are in deep gratitude to Pat and all the astonishing work she does. What a gift!"


Julianne Cohen, WA



"I want to say I have benefited greatly from the Open Ear Listening program. My hearing is much better, and my listening skills have improved tremendously.  I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to enhance their listening and learning skills."


Robert Glasner, LA, CA



"During the last months before Patricia Gale passed away, Pat Cook offered to support her by administering the OEC Listening Program and being available for phone calls regarding Patricia’s experience.  For Patricia, these calls and the Listening Program made a huge difference in her dying process.  It was a time when the medication and the chemo and the cancer had combined to make everything difficult, including thinking and moving about and really feeling who she was.  The Listening Program gave her more energy and stimulated her brain so that her mind was more clear and she felt more of herself, and she slept better.  He frequent dialogs with Pat allowed her to enter a spiritual domain beyond the constraints and pain of her body, into a place of beauty and wholeness and calm and peacefulness.  When she completed a days listening session or a call with Pat Cook, she was fully and gratefully returned to herself."  


Written by Patrica Gale's partner and caregiver- 




Cross-cultural Sound and Music in Healthcare and Training Programs



"I simply cannot say enough about Pat M. Cook and her programs, to include Spiritual Health Through Sound, Therapeutic Applications of CC Music or the Auditory Stimulation Programs.  The programs and the musical tools she provides literally changed my life profoundly, opening up the abilities within myself to hold my own and function better than I though possible.  My ability to function, gave me not only the tools to open my own healing practice, but to help others, too.   Personally and professionally, I use the Open Ear Center tools and techniques every day.  My chanting class has helped hundreds of people change their lives by finding their voice.  In my office, I utilize sound as a therapeutic modality to help move energy, access emotional content, reduce pain, release anxiety, and help my clients connect with and attain their goals. The voice, as well as recordings, musical journeys, singing bowls, and bells are used.    I highly recommend Dr. Cook and the Open Ear Center.  I am eternally grateful.       

                                                       Loretta Brown, RMT, CHT, CCMHP,  Seattle




"I apply sound techniques learned at the Open Ear Center in the Cross Cultural Sound and Music Healing Training with my patients in SNF and hospice. My patients experience remarkably lowered pain levels, increased relaxation and sense of personal control.  I recently worked with a gentleman with shingles in his internal organs; pain level was consistently 8-10/10. Pharmeceuticals brought no relief. After 20 minutes of working with him using sound techniques his pain was reduced to 2/10. I then recommended prescriptive CD's for use at home. He listened to as needed for relief of pain and relaxation. I have also personally benefited greatly from my work with Pat Moffitt Cook mentally, emotionally and physically."


Cynthia Peter , OT, GCFP, - Seattle



"As a musician, I am used to listening and playing music; For years, I have intuitively felt that there existed musical ways to effect healing and feel more connected with intention. Training with Pat M.C. was the answer I needed. I now have many sound and music-centered healing tools for personal use and for others. I feel that the possibilities in this domain are infinite. For the moment, I use it mainly for myself, and thanks to the daily sound practices, I feel many improvements: I am in more contact with consciousness in my life, the quality of my sleep is better, I feel more grounding and clarity."


Laure Stehlin, flûtiste - Brussels



"Dr. Cook has developed and organized Therapeutic Applications of Cross Cultural Sound and Music in Healing trainings so that participants, not only learn about the science, the cross cultural aspects and spiritual aspects of sound and music, but also learn by doing. The training takes commitment to personal practice and exploration and working with others.The tools and techniques that I learned are potent aids in my personal practice and journey to greater self-awareness, and in my healing work with others. I have facilitate workshops teaching these tools to others with great success. I loved the training and love the community that developed.


Leonie Van Gelder, LMP, - Orcas Island



"My studies in Cross Cultural Music-in-Healing were vital to making a dream come true. Open Ear Center programs were very comprehensive, and deeply inspiring, causing the desire to go ever deeper into the mystery of sound and its healing potential on every level of our being. A gift that keeps on giving, including a great deal of personal healing! The communities that develop under Dr. Cook's guidance study and work in the safe environment she has created, and always become very supportive, loving and compassionate. Today I have my own Sound Healing center, with clients who come with a wide range of issues, from mild to very severe, including various stages of cancer."


Frans Bosman, MM,  Organ Builder- Mosier



"The Level I training, Therapeutic Applications of Cross-Cultural Sound and Music in Healing, has profoundly changed my way of being in the world. It offers a valuable discovery of the healing potential of sound from the deep past of sacred sounds and indigenous music to the sounds and music produced by contemporary composers. I especially enjoyed learning and chanting of traditional Hindu Vedic and Buddhist mantras. The applications of special listening music programs in everyday context offers self discovery, relaxation and much more. I practice humming when I visit my bees (I'm a beekeeper) and so I feel like joining the primordial sound of these animals. My bees seem much calmer. I feel close to the animal and plant world. I am interested to learn more of the other applications of music and healing sounds transmitted by Dr. Cook. Thank you so much Pat!"


Agnès, Project Manager in Beekeeping Sector-Brussels



Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Insitute



"Pat Cook has presented us a modern map of ancient wisdom. Her insights are transformative and help us reach new depths of understanding this mysterious journey of life. My therapy practice has been informed by the work I've done with Pat. Inspirational."


Deborah Seidel, ARNP, - Seattle



"I have found the practices I have learned in Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Institute invaluable. The chanting practices that I use daily bring peace and stability in my life. I believe I am a healthier, happier person because of these practices."


Clair Van Bloem, RN-  Eugene 



"When I first began the course at the Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Institute, I did not have a spiritual practice.  Through chanting mantras and singing sacred songs on my own and together in the Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Course, in Healing Circles for ourselves, our families, friends, communities and for the World, a place has grown in my heart for the Divine and for Humanity.  Now I am nurtured and supported in my spiritual, mental and emotional health through a regular spiritual sound practice, and often chant for the health and well-being of others.  I have access to a peacefulness and a compassion and a clarity that returns each time I sit at my altar to chant.   Pat Cook introduces us to the deep mystery and power of spiritual sound from an authentic and powerful place within herself created from years of her own  spiritual practice and a rigorous training in Vedic chanting and experiences with spiritual masters in India and throughout the world.  To study with her is a great privilege and a gift."


Patricia Hatfield, MM, LMT, - Santa Rosa


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