In Santa Fe,

New Mexico


     The Open Ear Center began in Seattle and Bainbridge Is. in Washington State 1994.We moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in Spring of 2012. OEC provides national and international workshops and training programs in applications of crosscultural sound and music in health- care and education; effective auditory stimulation methods for enhanced communication, listening. and learning skills; dynamic sacred sound, chant and music in spiritual health sound and music institutes. and musical and spiritual cultural travel opportunities.


     Our main office is in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Please email for more information about events, trainings, weekend workshops and travel intensives in 2021. Due to Covid-19 we will be negotiating the times and offering new Learning Platforms online. Please check back soon to see what is in the works!


     We traveled to North India in November 2018 on a pilgrimage to holy places with sacred chanting most days. Eastern Tibet  in September 2019. In Fall 2021 we hope to return to Mongolia. Our on-going Vedic Healing Chant Programs are offered each year. In 2020 and 2021 an online Vedic Chant programs is and will be offered for advanced and new participants. The Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Institute, and Crosscultural Music in Healing Training Program have been rescheduled for late Winter and Spring 2021.  

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