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This beautiful vibrational program is for all those who wish to learn and begin practicing the ancient sound science of Vedic Healing Chant.  The program is offered to deepen your experience in chanting and to refine the knowledge you may already have. The approach to teaching is traditional through oral transmission, repetition, and with the aid of chant-texts, transliterations and English translations from the original Sanskrit. 


This 2-module program - Consists of  2 - 3 day module intensives & available skype-lessons between modules (extra fee). Participants are required to participate in the whole program to absorb and learn the foundations of Vedic Chant. Skype sessions are offered between modules to support participants in their successful practice and continued learning process!  All written and recorded materials are provided. MODULE I Fall 2018 (FRIDAY-SUNDAY) & MODULE II Jan/Feb 2019 (FRIDAY TO SUNDAY)


​No previous experience in singing, chanting, or the practice of Vedic Chant is required—only interest and a desire to learn and practice vibrational healing thru Vedic Healing Chants.

Location:  Seattle, Washington   

For more information contact Open Ear Center at


Vedic Healing Chant Program


Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD
Certified Vedic Chant Teacher
Trained in South India 


  • Vedic Healing Chants support the integration of body, voice, mind and emotions.

  • Develops mental discipline and focus

  • Enhances memory.

  • Helps to regulate energy and the vestibular system through auditory stimulation.


  • Improve listening and communication skills.

  • Specific vibrations, produced while chanting enhance physical and mental health.

  • Increase breath capacity.

  • Supports meditation by balancing and calming the mind.

  • Facilitate deeper connections to your spiritual life. 

  • Brings peace to the mind and heart.





For over 35 years, Pat has traveled throughout the world recording and participating in musical rituals and the daily life of other cultures. She studied six and half years with a Chinese/Indonesian grand master of martial and healing arts in Indonesia and the United States. Afterwards, Cook researched, studied with and practiced, musical healing with a North Indian Hindu village healer for over a decade. Pat trained with two different institutions in South India and is a certified teacher of both Vedic Chant (KHYF) and Vedic Healing Chants (KYM).  She travels extensively each year for professional research into musical and sound therapies and to enhance her personal dedication and practice of sacred sound.

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