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Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Institute

in Santa Fe, New Mexico!


 New 2021 Institute! Dates TBA

       This institute builds a wonderful community of people enthusiastic about learning and benefiting

from the science of vibration and sound via mantra, chant, song, toning, and the art of healing with sacred sound and music.  Four advanced student communities, at different levels, continue each year with us and deepen their knowledge and personal practice with sound and music.  Due to many interested people wanting to join us; we will be offering a new group in 2019.  We hope you will join this powerful and unique program for the benefit of yourselves and others. The yoga of practicing applications of conscious vibration, stimulation and deep- listening is a wonderful tool to age with, maintain health and grow spiritually.  The 2019 programs are now full but you are welcome to join in 2021. TBA



This year marks the 20th year that this program has been offered in the United States and in Europe. It increasingly becomes our favorite to facilitate due to the depth of personal and community experience it stimulates. It encourages investigation into the power fo sound, healing, the heart, and develops practical skills to fine-tune and sustain oneself. It gives energy, insight into self-inquiry and simple tools to be used in both professional musical-healing applications.


The Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Institute introduces and develops knowledge in the ancient sciences and traditions of cross-cultural sacred sound and music in spiritual practices. This program is called an institute because it combines an understanding of history, the foundations of cross-cultural sound methods, and the learning of sacred sound repertoires. This foundation then supports a personal sacred sound practice to enhance and promote emotional and spiritual health and daily balance.


This two-module-program takes place Thursday-Sunday on two non- consecutive weekends

We meet Thursday- Saturday or Friday through Monday from 9:30- 5:00 and 9:30-3:00 on the final day. 


Participants from previous programs as well as new participants are welcome to register. Limited to 25 participants in order to give individual attention to each person.


2021 Module Dates TBA shortly! Late Spring and Fall!

The mantras, hymns, intonations and chants that are introduced and practiced during each weekend will be recorded. Each person will receive the recordings in a preferred format. The recordings will support your home practice between modules. These recordings will also become your library of the sacred mantras, chants, and intonations repertoire from the program.


A work book is provided for each module. In addition, there will be dynamic music and imagery sessions to enhance our sacred sound exploration, personal healing and the development of your inner work. There will be group and dyad sessions. As a group, we will practice healing circles. The time between modules will be monitored and mentored by Dr. Cook.


Program Fee:

$1175. A $100 non refundable deposit fee is due with your application. The deposit is applied to the total program fee. Healthy and abundant Lunches and refreshments are included.


Lodging and breakfast are separate at the retreat center.


Email: for information on registration






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