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Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Institute in

                              Santa Fe, New Mexico!


This year marks the 15th year this program has been offered in the United States and in Europe. It increasingly becomes my favorite to facilitate due to the depth of personal and community experience it stimulates. It encourages healing, opening the heart, and develops skills to fine-tune oneself.  It gives energy, insight into self-inquiry and simple tools to be used in professional musical-healing applications.


The Spiritual Health Through Sound and Music Institute introduces and develops knowledge in the ancient sciences of cross-cultural sacred sound and music in spiritual practices. This program is called an institute because it combines an understanding of history, the foundations of cross-cultural sound sciences, and the learning of sacred sound repertoires. This foundation then supports a personal sacred sound practice to enhance and promote spiritual health and daily balance.  


This two module program takes place Thursday-Sunday on two non-consecutive weekends.  We meet Thursday thru Saturday from 9:30-5:30 and 9:00-4:00 on Sundays. We will also be in sound circle Friday night.


Module Dates:

Module I     May 8-11, 2014

Module II     September 11-14, 2014


The mantras, hymns, intonations and chants that are introduced and practiced during each weekend will be recorded. Each person will receive a CD copy two weeks later by mail.  The cd's will support your home practice between modules. These cds will also become your library of the sacred mantras, chants, and intonations repertoire. 


A work book is provided for each module.  In addition, there will be specific music and imagery sessions to enhance our sacred sound exploration, personal healing and the development of your inner work. There will be group and individual sessions. As a group we will practice healing circles and if appropriate offer our sound healing circles to those in need. The time between modules, and one month following, will be monitored by Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD.



Program Fee: 

$1175. A $50 deposit fee is due with your attached application. The deposit is applied to the total program fee.


Lodging is available at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat Center in Santa Fe. Each room is well appointed. There are doubles and singles available in various configurations-with private bath, shared or monestary style-bathroom in the hallway. All reservations are made directly through Open Ear Center for our group list.


Single rooms with private bath $75 per night

Double rooms with Private Bath $105 per nights

Single rooms without private bath $55 per night

Double rooms without private bath $84 per night

There is a $5 commuter fee to be on campus in addition


There are trekking trails all around. Down town Santa Fe Plaza is 1.9 miles-you can walk or drive. You can also stay downtown. Please let us know if this is a preference and we can send you a variety of information on close local hotels and B&Bs.


Food: Including breakfast and lunch, all 4 days + special Saturday night dinner off campus - total $158 (tax included): 


We have breakfast and lunch privately catered in the IMH Retreat center dining hall-which has outside and inside tables. The food is truly fabulous! Organic, fresh local growers and farmers, fish, chicken, gluten free and vegetarian available, organic coffee and it goes on from there! We can accommodate special diets as well. Coffee and tea are served each day starting at 6:00am each morning for those staying at the retreat center.



Dinners on Thursday, Friday and Sunday are on your own. We encourage you to investigate the “City Different,” Santa Fe, and the southwestern cuisine and color it offers.  Dinner can be available at the retreat center for additional cost for those nights.



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