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Self-Inquiry and Healing through Sound, Chants and Music Listening Practices In Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2016!


with Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD


A weekend Program - July 15-17, 2016



Through traditional methods of inner listening, toning practices and chanting- participants will discover simple, dynamic, timeless sonic tools used by healers, ancient scholars and divinely inspired holy men and women. These sound and music practices are designed to stimulate self-inquiry, personal healing and a deeper awareness of spiritual resonance. The main focus of the weekend will be to awaken ”inner-dialogs with Self” through sacred sound and music practices. Each day will be a combination of demonstrations, discussions, individual and group experientials. Participants will be encouraged to explore and practice what they have learned individually and in community. No experience is required.


Pat is the director of the Open Ear Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has traveled throughout the world for over 35 years recording, participating in musical healing rituals and the spiritual life of other cultures. She studied six and half years with a Chinese/Indonesian grand master of martial and healing arts in Indonesia and the United States. Afterwards, Cook researched and practiced musical healing with a North Indian Hindu village healer in India for over a decade. Pat is a dedicated practitioner of Hindu, Buddhist and Vedic Chant. She is a certified Vedic Chant teacher in the Krishnamacharya Yoga South Indian tradition from two certifying organizations Krishnamacharya Madarim (KYM) and Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga (SKY). She travels extensively each year for professional research into musical and sound therapies and to study and enhance her practice in sacred sound.


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